Advance tickets for 2020 are now available.  Early Bird purchases are £35 per person if bought before 30th April 2020

Tickets will also be available on the Gate (cash only)

Prices for 2020, (per person)  

Weekend £40 inc camping

Day tickets Saturday / Sunday £15 per day (no camping with day tickets

Gates open at 12.00 Thursday 16th July 2020.  (and NOT before)

Your weekend ticket is valid until noon on Monday 20th July 2020.

 and includes

  • FREE camping and caravanning (no need to book a pitch just turn up)
  • FREE showers
  • FREE children (under 16) when accompanied by an adult

To purchase advance ticket on line click the link below

Purchase Ticket Online

After you have bought your ticket we will  send a receipt and reference number to the e mail address you have registered with PayPal. (if not in the inboox has it gone to spam?) Please print this email and bring it with you to the show. When you arrive, you will be given a weekend wrist band pass which will enable you to pass freely in and out and around our festival.  Our policy is that if you want to come to the festival that you MUST wear a wrist band on your wrist. (and not on your belt or in your purse or forgotten in the car or tent or caravan and no one has authority to tell you otherwise)  We do NOT make any exceptions to this policy. If you do not wear your wrist band you will be asked to leave

Please remember to check that your PayPal email address is a current and working email address as this is where your receipt and reference number will be sent.  If you have paid and not received email confirmation of payment and reference number please check the email account registered at PayPal and your SPAM box.  If still cannot trace the email please use the Contact us Page

Purchase Ticket by Post and Cheque 

Send a SAE with a note of the person making the booking and a cheque made out to 'The Heulwen Trust' for the ticket price stated above. Children under 16 are free but must be accompanied by Adult. 

Heulwen Trust,
10 Bryn Glas,
SY21 7TL

You will be sent a booking confirmation with a reference number. Please bring that with you to the show.  When you arrive, you will be given a weekend wrist band pass which will enable you to pass freely in and out and around our festival. Our policy is that if you want to come to the festival that you MUST wear a wrist band on your wrist. (and not on your belt or in your purse or forgotten in the car or tent or caravan  and no one has authority to tell you otherwise)  We do NOT make any exceptions to this policy. If you do not wear your wrist band you will be asked to leave

If you do not want us to contact you in future with details of further events please advise through the contact us page. Please note that we will never pass your e mail address on to another organisation

Some rules of the Festival

1.         Be considerate of others on the site and treat others as you would like to be treated

2.         If you wish to make a comment about any aspect of the show please make your views known at the Secretary’s tent

3.         Respect other people’s privacy on the camping field particularly after 10pm.  Do not  run a generator after that time

4.         Please comply with a request from our stewards to do (or not do) something

5.       Wear your wristband at all times. Wristbands that are not attached to you (e.g. in your pocket or purse or left in your car) are not valid. If your wristband becomes detached please take it to the Secretary’s tent for a duplicate to be issued.

6.         NO BARBECUES OR FIRES in the arena or car park areas

7.         In the arena we do not permit a Gazebo or other obstruction of the view of others.

8.         Shooting practices must be away from the main arena

9.      Due to the Government’s Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, anyone shooting a blank fire gun should have Public   Liability Insurance

10.     All dogs must be on a lead and under control at all times but be warned there are sudden loud bangs on the site during the weekend

11.      Please try to recycle any of your rubbish

12.      If you are on the BOBB list do not enter our site. If you have no idea what BOBB means, then you are not on that list. We have a note of people on the BOBB list.

13.     We have decided that there will be NO GLASS in the arena this year.

14.    We do not permit trading at the festival unless you are booked in as a trader.  Anyone who does trades unofficially will be required to leave without refund of entry fee

15.    Please note that the Showfield is private land. As organisers we reserve the right to both refuse entry to anyone and or to ask anyone to leave the field without giving a reason. We will ask you to leave if you do not comply with the rules of the site. We reserve the right not to refund your entry fee. If you are asked to leave you will not be permitted to come to future events. Thereafter, if you seek to enter a future event and are recognised then you will be asked to leave and your entry fee will be forfeit and will not be refunded

Privacy Policy of the Heulwen Trust as organisers of the Welshpool Country and Western

The Heulwen Trust is a Charity that runs the Welshpool Country and Western to fund the cost of running our canal boats for those who suffer from a disability.

We have two websites. One relating to the Boats and one relating to the Country and Western Festival

On our websites we do not use cookies or otherwise collect data of who has looked at our site. We do not utilise records for profiling visitors to the site. We do not share information with any other organisation. We do not have advertisers or sponsored links. We do not store information on the cloud. Our servers are based in the UK. Whilst we do not permit remote electronic access to our records we are told that our web services provider does maintain server access logs for debugging security and service review ( but not for marketing) but access to such is limited to the authorised individuals. The information is only retained for as long as such functions require and thereafter deleted

We do have links on our website to other websites to assist you. We do not record whether you use such links. We are not responsible for the contents of any third party website and you should please satisfy yourself that you are content with the policies of such third party websites.

What we do record

When a members of the public makes contact with us we will use their contact information to respond to the enquiry whether that enquiry is of a general nature or relates to a boat booking or an advance ticket sale for the Country and Western.

To enable us to respond to an enquiry we may pass on details to the appropriate member of the Trust to respond. Details of enquiries and responses will be retained as a record of both the enquiry and our response

We will record details of enquiries from people who are interested in and subsequently do use our boats. We will also record details of people who want to buy advance tickets for the Country and Western. These records are retained to record the legal contract entered into.

All personal information is stored on devices which have access restricted to authorised individuals

Please use the contact us page if you wish to ascertain what records we hold for you. If our records are inaccurate we would be delighted to rectify them. Whilst we are happy to erase and amend inaccurately held information or to record your wish that you do not wish to be contacted by us, please be aware that any records of the contractual details will be retained during the statutory contractual limitation period.

Our web site is hosted and maintained by Glover Sure of Welshpool.  Their privacy policy can be found at

The arena and stage 

stage 1.jpg

(please bring your own chairs)

welsh souther comforts.jpg

Camping with the Westerners

two flags.jpg

The opening charge supervised by our marshall
(on the left above and below)

better marshall.jpg

Welshpool Country & Western Music Festival 2022

The Festival is on-track to go ahead this year!

Welshpool Country Music Festival will be running July 15-17, the gates will be open at noon on the 14th and closed for noon 18th.