Page toPaul and Debbie Weston, bring a perfectly blended mix of both Line Dance and Country material to the table in the same way as well as bringing the personal touch on stage that this married couple bring.
Their repertoire caters for Line & Western Dance events or simply ‘straight’ Country.

After starting his musical career as the drummer with the internationally award winning family band known as The Sylva Dollar Band, Paul moved into solo work on the Country scene where he gained his own reputation as a singer-guitarist for a number of years, playing to both Country and Line Dance audiences with equal gusto, taking with him the experience of working with country music greats whilst staying in the USA. 

Paul is joined in Streamline by a lady whose voice is the envy of most female singers looking to perform in the Country scene:  Debbie Weston first came to everyone’s attention on the country scene as 50% of the so-popular ‘Livewire’ duo, finding a new love of country music after years of pursuing a career in other genres of music.  Now that she & Paul have teamed up a talented new duo act has been born, and one which will be of immense appeal in all areas of the Country Music and Line Dance scene.

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